[["To Defeat Meznik"|Defeat]]\n\n[["To Return Home"|Home]]\n
Feeling audacious, you tap Meznik on the shoulder.\n\nHe doesn't flinch or jump as you were hoping. Instead, his eyes snap up, and though the concept of you being in any concentrated space is more idea than reality, you get a sense that the demon is <html><i>staring right into your eyes</i></html>. You hold still, feeling a trepidation you can't remember ever feeling before.\n\n<html>\n<center><i>\n<p>So...\n</center></i>\n<br>\nThe demon says.\n<br>\n<center><i>\n<p>A spectre.\n</center></i>\n<br>\nMeznik folds his hands behind his back.\n<br>\n<center><i>\n<p>I would've thought\n<p>Your kind were extinct\n<p>By now.\n</center></i>\n<br>\nThe demon tilts his head back.\n<br>\n<center><i>\n<p>Tell me\n<p>Wretch\n<p>Are you hiding\n<p>My pet from me?\n</center></i>\n<br>\n<p>You don't answer, not because you're incapable, but because you are afraid.\n<br></html>\n[[The demon seems to know more about you, than you do.|demon]]\n\n<html>\n<p>At your reticence, Meznik turns away with a click of his tongue. He shouts to the air, his voice a thundering orchestra:\n<br>\n<center><i>\n<p>Elmiryn...\n<p>Do not think\n<p>This will not\n<p>Go unpunished!\n<p>I\n<p>WILL\n<p>FIND YOU!\n</center></i>\n</html>\n\nAnd with that, the demon leaves, his starry robes sweeping along the cosmic lane until he vanishes from sight.\n\nWith the threat gone, Elmiryn emerges, her brow furrowed with effort as she pulls herself out of the crack in existence. She takes a moment to sit and catch her breath.\n\n[[Pat her on the back.|pat]]\n\n[[Help her to her feet.|feet]]\n\n[[Give her some air (literally.)|air]]\n\nOr you could just [[poke her.|poke]]\n\nIt isn't as if you get many mortals out in this particular neck of the woods. None that are alive anyway.
<<silently>><<set $defeat = true>><<set $home = false>><<endsilently>>\n"Defeat Meznik?" Elmiryn chuckles. "Sure! When I figure out a fucking way to even do that!"\n\n"You Will" you write confidently.\n\n"Look. I have no problem promising you that, because I mean to do it anyway. But I can't right now, okay? What I need to do is get back to where I belong!"\n\nYou write with a criticizing tilt: "Do You Really Belong There?"\n\nElmiryn bares her teeth. "You want me to defeat Meznik or not? Help me get home, and I promise that will happen!"\n\nYou sigh.\n\n[[Looks like you have no choice.|Felmore1]]\n
The astral demons.\n\nThough you are no part of any Darwinian food chain, the fact of the matter is that Meznik and his ilk have never been kind to you, but never have you been so direct with them either. Your foolhardy move certainly has distracted the demon, but you and Meznik both know that you are not a threat to him.\n\nOh how you wish you were.\n\nBut thickheaded bravery does have its upsides, it seems.\n\nMeznik called you a 'spectre' and while the demon tried to pass it off as an insult, you can see there is truth in the word...literally. Meaning wraps around the utterance like a lover.\n\nA 'spectre' is a thing, and you are one of these.\n\nYou have many reasons to hate the astral demons...but is it possible they know the truth hidden in your broken memories?\n\nYou suspect your only avenue for answers is helping a certain redhead...\n\n[[(Return)|tap]]\n
You grab her hand, but the warrior pulls away sharply, her cerulean eyes going wide. She can't actually see you, but now she knows you're there.\n\n<<display 'what'>>
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You laugh at her, imagining the sound that had once come from your mouth. Your memory stirs the energies in the air, causing reverberations that cannot be ignored.\n\nElmiryn, sensitive to these, scowls.\n\n"What is that? Huh? Are you messing with me?" she snaps.\n\n...Are you?\n\n[[Yes you are.|Yes1]]\n\n[[No you're not.|No1]]\n
"He's destroying your home?" Elmiryn says slowly, her eyes squinted as she tries to comprehend. "You mean you live out HERE?"\n\nYour response is almost lugubrious in its creation: "Yes"\n\n"But there's nothing out here!" The warrior exclaims. "This isn't even a good spot to watch the Other Worlds!"\n\n"Do Not Need You Reminding Me" you write out angrily.\n\nElmiryn holds up her hands. "All right, yeah. I suppose you wouldn't." \n\nShe sighs and shakes her head, staring up at a fixed spot that she has apparently decided you occupy.\n\n"I'd ask you why, but after hearing what Meznik had just told me, I don't really need to." Elmiryn crosses her arms and scowls at her boots. "Meznik and Izma want to change meta-reality as we know it. I just didn't think he'd have gotten so far as to really effect the boundaries of the universe. Damn..."\n\nThe redhead looks up again. "So you saved me because you're Meznik's enemy. He's destroying your home. But there must've been something you wanted me to DO, right?"\n\nYour response is quick:\n\n[["Defeat Meznik"|Defeat]]\n\n[["Return Home"|Home]]\n
History.prototype.realdisplay = History.prototype.display;\nHistory.prototype.display=function(D,B,A){\n var regions = tale.lookup("tags", "StoryRegion");\n if(regions){\n var title;\n for(var i in regions){\n title = regions[i].title.split(" ").join("");\n if(!$("story"+title)){\n var region = document.createElement('div');\n region.id = "story"+title;\n region.className = "storyRegion";\n document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0].appendChild(region);\n }\n if($("story"+title)){\n setPageElement("story"+title,regions[i].title,"");\n }\n }\n }\n state.realdisplay(D,B,A);\n}
"So what is it then?" Elmiryn asks wearily. She brandishes a finger. "I already sold my right eye's wink, so don't ask!"\n\nYour response is quick.\n\n[["Return Home"|Home]]\n\n[["Defeat Meznik"|Defeat]]\n
<<if $poke eq true>>\nThe redhead tongues her cheek. "Explaining the little jab I got in the tit, huh?"\n\nIf you had a face, you'd be grinning.\n<<endif>>\nElmiryn seems to take a moment to consider your mischief. Meanwhile, you amuse yourself by...\n\n[[Tugging at her hair.|tug]]\n\n[[Tying her boots together.|tie]]\n\n[[Giving her butt a squeeze.|butt]]\n\n[[Kicking out one of her legs.|kick]]\n
"What are you?" [[Elmiryn|Elle2]] breathes, gazing around her warily. "I can feel you. I didn't notice you before, but I can feel you now! Why did you help me?"
<<silently>><<set $poke = true>><<endsilently>>\nYou poke her in the boob. Because why not?\n\nStartled, she tries to swat at you, but it's futile. Still, her eyes go wide as she stares around. She may not be able to see you, but she knows for certain you're there now.\n\n<<display 'what'>>\n
You pat her on the back in a vain attempt to ease her coughing, but the warrior pulls away sharply, her cerulean eyes going wide. She can't actually see you, but now she knows you're there.\n\n<<display 'what'>>
body { \n\nbackground: rgba(230,186,74,1);\nbackground: -moz-linear-gradient(left, rgba(230,186,74,1) 0%, rgba(120,57,2,1) 100%);\nbackground: -webkit-gradient(left top, right top, color-stop(0%, rgba(230,186,74,1)), color-stop(100%, rgba(120,57,2,1)));\nbackground: -webkit-linear-gradient(left, rgba(230,186,74,1) 0%, rgba(120,57,2,1) 100%);\nbackground: -o-linear-gradient(left, rgba(230,186,74,1) 0%, rgba(120,57,2,1) 100%);\nbackground: -ms-linear-gradient(left, rgba(230,186,74,1) 0%, rgba(120,57,2,1) 100%);\nbackground: linear-gradient(to right, rgba(230,186,74,1) 0%, rgba(120,57,2,1) 100%);\nfilter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#e6ba4a', endColorstr='#783902', GradientType=1 );\n\n}\n\n#sidebar a.internalLink {\n\ncolor: #FFFF00;\n\n}\n\na.internalLink {\n\ncolor: #FFFF00 !important;\n\n}\n\na:visited {\n\ncolor: #F0F8FF !important;\n\n}\n\na:hover {\n\ncolor: #FFFFFF !important;\n\n}\n\n#snapback {display:none;}
<<silently>><<set $unknown = true>><<endsilently>>\nUsing the colorful gases surrounding you, you spell out in bright blue:\n\n"Do Not Know"\n\nElmiryn watches this process unfold with some fascination, but her intrigue doesn't truly blossom until you finish writing out the 'w' in your short, but succinct message.\n\n"You don't know what you are?" she exclaims with incredulity. "How do you not know what you are??"\n\nYou feel your dignity flare up, and you write back huffily:\n\n"Does Elmiryn Know What SHE Is Exactly?"\n\nThis burns the warrior's cheeks, and she sullenly looks away. Being halfway between fae and human must have left her wondering which side she was most like these days. Grudgingly she gives her hand a twirl of acknowledgement.\n\n"Yeah, all right. You got me..." she mutters. \n\nShe scratches delicately at her eyebrow with her pinky as she glances sidelong into the space she's apparently decided you occupy.\n\n"So," Elmiryn says with a half shrug. "You helped me. You must've had a reason?"\n\nYour response is quick:\n\n[["Want Elmiryn To Return Home"|Home]]\n\n[["Want Elmiryn To Defeat Meznik"|Defeat]]\n
She doesn't see [[you.|you]] Having fallen through the cracks of Things That Are, she is more preoccupied with losing the angry tail she's gained.\n\n[[Elle the Idiot|Elle1]] has angered a certain demon.
Time accordions around her, expanding and contracting in breaths and beats, the razzle dazzle of lives cut between the folds winking in the seconds-years-centuries that they have their glory, then--\n\n[[n o t h i n g|cont4]]
...the cosmic glitter burns...\n\n...as she [[runs|cont3]]...
Eikasia: Blackwood - The Spectre
"You dislike demons?" Elmiryn says with a note of surprise. "You run into them often?"\n\n"Not Often" you reply crossly. \n\n"When Banished To Edges Of Universe"\n\n"Do Not See Much"\n\n"You seem to see plenty," Elmiryn says ironically. "What with you poking my name like it's a thing."\n\n"Like You I See World In Special Way" you explain simply.\n\nThe warrior shrugs. "That's fair." She claps her hands. "Well! You went to all that trouble of saving my hide. As much as you resent Meznik's kind for banishing you here, you must've had a reason for putting yourself at risk like that, right?"\n\nYour response is quick:\n\n[["Want Elmiryn To Return Home"|Home]]\n\n[["Want Elmiryn To Defeat Meznik"|Defeat]]\n
<<silently>><<set $home = true>><<set $defeat = false>><<endsilently>>\n"You want me to get home?" Elmiryn says with a laugh. "That's all?"\n\nYou use a little more gas than your previous responses, making your response bold with snark:\n\n"If So Easy Would Not Need Help"\n\nThe redhead sucks her teeth. After scuffing her boot on the cosmic lane, she shrugs defiantly. "Yeah, so I hit a snag! YOU try running from an astral demon! Tell me how easy that is for you!"\n\nYour blue words take on a deeper hue.\n\n"I Do Know"\n\nElmiryn's indignation eases away, leaving her both curious and sympathetic.\n\n<<if $unknown eq true>>\n"What are you?"\n\nThis isn't what you want to talk about. Elmiryn has somewhere to be after all.\n<<else>>\n"Soon, I'll make it so that no one will have to run from those bastards again."\n\nYou say nothing in response. Elmiryn has somewhere to be after all.\n<<endif>>\n\n[[Time to get this wayward warrior on the right track.|Felmore1]]\n
Delicately, you pull a blanket over Elmiryn. Just in time too. Meznik looks down but does not see his pet.\n\nHe lets out a low hum of anger, like cellos in a chamber hall.\n\nThe demon muses to himself, slowly pacing in a wide circle,\n\n<html>\n<center><i>\n<p>Make her a pet\n<p>And see her run\n<p>Like an errant dog!\n<p>Damned god's blood...\n<p>It's hard enough\n<p>To call the fool \n<p>To heel\n<p>Without it!\n</center></i>\n</html>\n\nHe stops and clenches his fists.\n\n<html>\n<center><i>\n<p>I will find you\n<p>Elmiryn!\n<p>I\n<p>WILL\n<p>FIND YOU!\n</center></i>\n</html>\n\nAnd with a trumpet's bellowing rage, the demon leaves, down the cosmic lane until the shimmering stars swallows him out of sight.\n\nWith him gone, you pull back the gaseous blanket, and Elmiryn emerges, gasping for air.\n\nOops. This particular blanket was comprised of methanol, wasn't it? Not fit for even a half-fae to breathe.\n\n"Fuck!" Elmiryn wheezes as she pulls herself up onto the cosmic lane.\n\n[[Pat her on the back.|pat]]\n\n[[Help her to her feet.|feet]]\n\n[[Give her some air (literally.)|air]]\n\nOr you could just [[poke her.|poke]]\n\nIt isn't as if you get many mortals out in this particular neck of the woods. None that are alive anyway.
Using the colorful gases surrounding you, you spell out in bright blue:\n\n"Friend"\n\nElmiryn stares at this. "Friend?" she repeats dubiously. She raises an eyebrow. "You're a friend, huh?"\n\nYou shrug though you know she can't see you.\n\nThe warrior puts her hands on her hips. "Well thank you. I suppose you want something in return, right?"\n\nYou answer using the same method as before...\n\n[[Yes.|Yes2]]\n\n[[No.|No2]]
You press deeper into the network of life that connects the Worlds of the Universe. It hurts you. This is not where you belong. Still, you are fascinated at the sights you see--being this close affords details you hadn't been able to appreciate before.\n\nLike how in one World, sentient creatures actually have six legs, and speak with their minds. Or how in another World, cities are built into the sky, and ships sail through space.\n\nBut just when you think you cannot take anymore pain, you finally reach the point you were striving for.\n\nAt a crossroad in the cosmic highway, you draw a shaky arrow pointing down a path.\n\nElmiryn gives a curious frown, her hands going to her hips.\n\n"You want me to go that way? What's the matter? You aren't coming?"\n\nWeakly, you write:\n\n"no i cannot"\n\nElmiryn purses her lips but nods. "Thank you. You sure there isn't something else I can do for you?"\n\n"just go" you scrawl.\n\nThe woman sighs. "All right. I wish I had your name, but something tells me, you haven't got one."\n\nIt looks like you weren't the only one using their powers to gain information.\n\n"Goodbye," Elmiryn says, jogging down the way you pointed. "And stay alive! Can't pay my debt to you if you don't live long enough to see me do it!"\n\nYou wish you could wave. Instead, you just stay for as long as you can bare, watching your strange new friend vanish from sight. Once she is gone, you flee.\n\n[[The rest is up to her now...|end]]
With your ghostly hands, you rip a meteorite out of its place in orbit and send it searing into a nearby planet's atmosphere. The effect causes a brilliant scar to streak overhead. This catches Meznik's attention, and he watches the 'shooting star' until it burns out of sight.\n\nThe spectacle over with, the demon lowers his head. He doesn't move, and you get a sense that he's...waiting.\n\nAfter what seems ages, he finally starts to walk away. He doesn't go far however before he pauses and says to the air:\n\n<html>\n<center><i>\n<p>I will find you\n<p>Elmiryn...\n<p>Do not think\n<p>This will not\n<p>Go unpunished!\n</center></i>\n</html>\n\nThen with an air of disgust, the demon leaves, down the cosmic lane and out of sight.\n\nElmiryn emerges, her brow furrowed with effort as she pulls herself out of the crack in existence. She takes a moment to sit and catch her breath.\n\n[[Pat her on the back.|pat]]\n\n[[Help her to her feet.|feet]]\n\n[[Give her some air (literally.)|air]]\n\nOr you could just [[poke her.|poke]]\n\nIt isn't as if you get many mortals out in this particular neck of the woods. None that are alive anyway.
You poke her name again.\n\nShe shudders and jumps to her feet. "Cut that shit out! Answer my question! What are you!?"\n\n[[Laugh at her.|laugh]]\n\n[[Tell her you're a friend.|friend]]\n\n[[Tell her you're Meznik's enemy.|enemy]]\n\nOr you could be honest and...\n\n[[Tell her you don't know.|unknown]]\n
Elmiryn feels you prod her name and tenses, but she does not dare move.\n\nBefore you can do it again, something interrupts you.\n\nMeznik, in a storm of stardust, comes veering to a halt on the cosmic lane, his skeletal chest heaving colors and energy in hectic bursts. His black eyes slice around him. He has yet to look beneath his feet, in the crack of the universe, where his [[redheaded pet|deets]] clings to the edges with hungry oblivion lapping at her heels.\n\n[[Pull a gaseous blanket of orange over Elmiryn.|blanket]]\n\n[[Tap Meznik's shoulder.|tap]]\n\n[[Send a shooting star down the cosmic lane.|star]]\n
You take the redhead back the way she came, using a trail of blue to show just where you're going. She follows eagerly, glancing occasionally over her shoulder in the direction that Meznik had left. You are taking a risk and heaping it onto the big pile of risks you have reaped today. If you are found anywhere near the Worlds, you will be devoured by forces much greater than you or even the demons. <<if ($home eq true) and ($defeat eq false)>>\nBut you feel, in your sentient coils of energy, that this is the way it must be. Elmiryn must return home, and in your poor seat of universal spectation, you know just the best route for her to take.<<else>>But you feel, in your sentient coils of energy, that this must happen. In order for Elmiryn to defeat Meznik, she must not be in his full power. To escape this, she must return to the mortal realms where things live and die, grow and rot.\n<<endif>>\n\nAs you travel--past a pulsing quasar, around a dying star, over planets unnamed--you sneak in a question. It's hard writing and moving at the same time. You suppose this is the equivalent of rubbing your stomach and patting your head, but you manage it, and Elmiryn doesn't take long to see the floating words before her:\n\n"Why Did You Run?"\n\nShe bats her eyes, apparently startled by the question. In reality, you don't have to do this. In the same manner that you can see Elmiryn's name and touch it, so can you dig into her existence and find the truth of her history. But you figure you're working together now. May as well be cordial.\n\n"I resent the word, 'run,'" she says as she follows you down the cosmic lane into a meteorite patch. "It was more...a tactical retreat."\n\nYou respond... \n\n[["Next You Will Tell Me A Supernova Is Like Popping A Pimple|snark]]\n\n[["No Shame In Retreat"|sympathy]]\n\n[[Refrain from comment.|refrain]]\n
<html><i><center><img src="logo1.gif">\n<p>presents...</i></center>\n<br>\n<br>\n<h1><center><p><b>The Spectre\n<p><img src="blah1.jpg"></center></b></h1></html>\n\n[[Continue...|Begin1]]\n\n
The warrior takes another moment to consider her next words. Then with a deep breath, she says, "When someone is in a position of power over someone else, there is an imbalance."\n\nYou hike over a [[blackhole|blackhole]], and she takes a moment to peer down into the black nothing with a pensive frown on her face.\n\n"Meznik promoted me to be his pet. That shifted the balance between us just enough that he was willing to share some information with me..." Elmiryn shakes her head. "But in order to maintain his power, he couldn't share too much. I mean...you can argue that staying with him, I could still learn more about him. But he gave me just enough knowledge that I think I can learn what I need on my own, and I'd rather do that. I saw how a demon's 'pet' lives. I don't want to be like Syria. I'll go my own way."\n\nThis surprises you. Maybe the route you are taking will be of more use than you had initially anticipated. But you feel compelled to bring a word of caution.\n\n"Such Knowledge Is Dangerous"\n\n"Gaining It Will Not Be Easy"\n\nElmiryn smirks. "I like a challenge."\n\n[[You just hope she can back up her confidence...|gate]]
Elmiryn takes in your response with a pensive frown. \n\n"Hurt you, huh?" she murmurs. She shrugs her hands. "So...what? What did you hope to achieve by helping me? Was this some sort of revenge against Meznik, or did you want me to do something specifically?"\n\nYou respond--\n\n[["Defeat Meznik"|Defeat]]\n\n[["Return Home"|Home]]\n\n
Intro image 'Plume' <html>Photo Credit: <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/43137708@N00/433297892/">aumbody images</a> via <a href="http://compfight.com">Compfight</a> <a href="http://www.flickr.com/help/general/#147">cc</a>\n<br>\nThe Eikasia Logo <html>Created By: <a href="http://www.eryckwebbgraphics.com/">Eryck Webb</a> (Copyright Illise Montoya)</html>\n\nWriting and Editing: Illise Montoya\n\n---\n\nSpecial thanks to hawk_x_27 for his continue support!\n\nAND THANK YOU FOR READING!\n\n---\n\nPlease click "restart" in the sidebar...\n\n...Or do you wish to <html><a href="https://www.eikasianovel.com/chapter-41-2a/ ">exit?</a></html>
You giggle with glee in your phantom way, and your sense of humor only further wounds the warrior's enflamed pride.\n\n"Is this the reason you helped hide me from Meznik? To fuck around with me!? You must have a really shitty existence to resort to this crap!" the woman seethes.\n\nThis cools your ardor, and using the colorful gases around you, you spell out in bright blue letters:\n\n[["Dislike Demons"|dislike]]\n\nThis makes the warrior sit up.
"What are you, a fucking comedian now?" Elmiryn snaps. "You asked me a question, so let me answer it!"\n\n<<display 'refrain'>>
Your surprised the gods don't just plug up these tears in the Universe, but it's not your place to question. There are many holes similar to these sprinkled throughout existence, one such being the small crack that Elmiryn had slipped down in her escape from Meznik.\n\n[[(Return)|refrain]]\n
You give Elmiryn's rear end a nice squeeze, making her yelp and dance away, hands at the site of offense. She glares at nothing a hint of scandalization tinging her cheeks a cute pink.\n\n<<display 'reason'>>
<html><center><h3>~FIN~</h3></center></html>\n\nTo play again, please click restart in the sidebar. Otherwise...\n\n<html><b><a href="https://www.eikasianovel.com/chapter-41-2a/ ">CONTINUE READING EIKASIA (The ol' fashioned way)</b></a></html>\n\nOr...\n\n[[See Credits and Acknowledgements|credits]]\n
Being what you are, you can see certain details without having to try. In this case, you can see Elmiryn's name as if it were a sign on her chest. You can ALSO see that she is a demon's pet, but you don't need a special power to see that she isn't a very willing one...\n\n[[(Return)|Elle1]]\n
You have existed in the outer reaches of the universe for an age it seems, but in your broken, ancient memory, you recall a time when you walked the Worlds with arms and legs (and whatever else you fancied.) You once had skin, hair, a face, a voice. Then those days ended, and you don't know why. From the beautiful Once Upon A Time came the Sad Existence, and here you watch the proceedings of the universe as an entity made irrelevant. You have no effect on the balance. No real purpose for existing.\n\nUntil today...\n\n[[(Return)|cont4]]\n
You tug on Elmiryn's hair, pulling her off balance. Her eyes pop comically, and she swings around with her fist, but it's useless. You giggle as she glares at nothing.\n\n<<display 'reason'>>
Using the colorful gases surrounding you, you spell out in bright blue:\n\n"Meznik's Enemy"\n\nElmiryn bats her eyes and puts a hand on her cocked hip. "Is that so? What did he do to you?"\n\nYou answer using the same method as before...\n\n[["Hurt Me"|hurt]]\n\n[["Dislike Demons"|dislike]]\n\n[["Destroying My Home"|home]]\n
"No shame in retreat?" Elmiryn reads with a harsh laugh. "Listen. I'm not 'ashamed' okay? I did what I had to, which I would explain if you'd give me a chance!"\n\n<<display 'refrain'>>
You gather up some gases. You think you have the right mix to simulate the kind of air Elmiryn breathes, so you blow this gently at her face.\n\nLike a startled cat, she jumps, her eyes widening as she stares blindly around her. She can't see you...but now she knows for certain you are there.\n\n<<display 'what'>>
Elmiryn runs her tongue along the inside of her lower lip, her eyes ticking slowly back and forth as she thinks. She doesn't do this long, but then again, you don't need long to undo the laces of her boots and tie them together. Just when you finish, the warrior holds up a finger and moves to take a step. She starts to say something, but this is swallowed by a surprised yelp as she barely manages to catch her balance.\n\nShocked, she looks to her feet and sees her tied up laces. Her eyes snap up with furious accusation as she dips down to undo your prank.\n\n<<display 'reason'>>
With a swift swipe of intention, you sweep out one leg from under Elmiryn. She shouts, her arms shooting out as she catches her balance. A single hair falls into her furious gaze as she glares out at nothing, unable to see you.\n\n<<display 'reason'>>
written by <html><a href="https://www.eikasianovel.com/">Illise Montoya</a></html>
Using the colorful gases surrounding you, you spell out in bright blue...\n\n"Want To Help"\n\n"But help with what?" Elmiryn presses.\n\n<<display 'choices1'>>
"No?" Elmiryn says. "So you're not a spirit?"\n\n"NO" you respond, feeling insulted.\n\nThe warrior squints her eyes. "But if you don't want me to GIVE you something, you must want me to DO something then?"\n\nYou hesitate. Eventually, you write out--\n\n<<display 'choices1'>>